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For your convenience, we meet over the phone or online.

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special offer!

90-Min Reading + 60-Min Coaching Session

This is a formatted reading that includes a spirit reading, past lives & aura layers reading. You will receive an mp3 copy of your reading to download and keep.  To help you bring your session together in a practical way, we will meet again for a 60-min integration coaching session.  This package is great for those who are curious about the benefits of working with a coach.  This is an amazing deal!



clairvoyant readings

Choose a 60 or 90- Min Clairvoyant Reading

These readings are personalized to your questions about love, money, relationships, career, purpose, health, direction, and more!  All sessions start with a Spirit reading and then we'll get into your questions.  And it's okay if you don't have specific questions and just want a general reading to hear what comes up! We can do an overall reading for you with a 90-minute reading purchase. You will have time at the end for any questions that come up.  

                      60-Minute Reading $99                             

90-Minute Reading $149


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coaching packages

Unboxed 8-session package

You receive 8 one-hour 1:1 coaching sessions over 3 months. You have the option of choosing up to two coaching sessions over the 3 months as clairvoyant readings.  I recommend one before we begin coaching.

I help people find their way out of unsupportive perceptions and beliefs that they may not even be aware are running in the backgroundWe begin with a personal inventory of what's working and what's not working in your life. Then we dive deep into the core of what's keeping you stuck.  We will get into the core beliefs and subconscious meanings that run your life and dismantle them. You then get to rebuild the beliefs and perceptions you want to have so you can start moving toward the life and feelings you dream of having.

8-sessions $799

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