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My Story

Did you know that there's a 'way' you're supposed to write this part? There is. And I just can't. And that idea is probably the best place to start.

Can you relate? All the structures, all the ways things are supposed to be done - and it just doesn't feel authentic.

The job you should have. The money you should be making. The way a relationship should be.  How you should look.

What about 'eff' all that and listen to what feels true for you instead?


And it took me most of my life to get there.  

Hi, I'm Brandy.  And I'm finally breaking all the rules and being the voice the Universe put me here to be.  My hope is that my story can ignite your passion to find your own authentic voice and live through it too.

I was a totally psychic kid.  I mean really.  Only, it was often discounted by others, and not necessarily with any harm meant. It's just what people sometimes do because they were discounted at some point as well. 

But the unusual, or more interesting things about me weren't what got me noticed.  It was my athletic abilities that got me noticed.  That's what got me popular.  So that's what I built my image around for the majority of my life. 


And it was fun!  That's what brought me to Colorado 20 years ago. A desire to develop and test my skills. A desire to prove myself in an outwardly way.  I mean, that's all I knew that worked.  Until it didn't.

What happened.  When I moved to Vail, CO, I took on the 'ski hard and party harder' lifestyle.  I worked on the mountain and became immersed in the ski town culture.  Out at the bar 4 or 5 nights a week, dancing on tabletops, and acting out in general.  And it became a real problem.  A problem that needed my attention.

So I went to AA and got sober. In working the 12-Steps, I returned to my spiritual center - my intuition that had been drowned out with alcohol.  I began to hear my inner voice again and started to listen to it.  It led me to many new, old places - spiritual practices, retreats, meditation, transpersonal studies, and continual personal growth.  I began to know me again.

I went back to school and pursued a new degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology and countless training and certifications.  That led to building a business that never really got off the ground because I was still caught up in the old paradigms that made me feel safe.  That is until I lost all that.

In less than one year, I lost a long-time job, a community that went with it, and finally my family.  At first glance, it looked like I was very alone.  But I wasn't.  And I knew somehow all those things had to be shed for me to level up to my next version of Self.  So I got to work on it.  I've always been good at doing work.


I Healed.  I got to heal old wounds and ugly spaces that I couldn't see with those people, places, things in my space.  I gained a new perspective on personal responsibility and sovereignty.  I gained a deeper understanding of self-validation and my own knowingness, and thus, an authentic sense of Self.


I gained new connections and a new job that was more aligned with where Spirit was leading me. I gained a sense of mySelf again that I hadn't known since I was a kid. And I got my complete psychic Self back.  All because I was willing to see the OPPORTUNITY that the Universe was placing before me, that I initially thought was LOSS.  What was really occurring behind the scenes and in my favor was RELEASE.

The Gifts.  Today I get to work with amazing people from all walks of life who are looking within for their own answers too.  People maybe just like you who are wondering where all the fun is at?  They've done all the things and followed all the rules (and maybe broke a few) and it still feels like something just isn't right. 

Maybe what they've created doesn't really feel like theirs, but rather some washed-out version of what someone else has done or expected of them.  They want to feel fresh and good, deep in the bones and right with their Spirit.  They want to hear their own truth and feel the confidence to trust it and follow it.


So if that happens to be you and you want to explore outside the box a bit to see what possibilities exist for your life - and I can promise you it's more vast than you think right now -  let's hop on a call.


I am a clairvoyant coach for people who feel they’re not living the life they’re meant to live. They’re afraid to trust their inner voice because what they sense or know is often dismissed by others. I help them trust their intuition so they can take charge and create a life that is true to who they really are.

Philosophy & Approach

My philosophy is simple: I know you already have your own answers. I just help you receive them.  I cannot want your change more than you; I will match the effort you give to yourself.  

My approach is person-centered,  grounded, and holistic. I hold space that is culturally and trauma-informed. My coaching style is a cognitive-behavioral approach.  There is no magic in this work, yet everything is magical.  When we recognize that we have absolute agency over our internal environment, the impact of the external environment magically shifts. When we take back our control, we find lasting peace. 

Image by Ashley Batz

Clairvoyant Program and Teacher Program Graduate of The Psychic School, current Teacher and Staff member at The Psychic School. Certified Professional Life Coach, CPC, through the Life Purpose Institute. AOS Degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Certifications: Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Spiritual Studies, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Grief Recovery Specialist, Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, former Hospice Chaplain.

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