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All services are by phone app or zoom.

Special Offer!

✮ 90-minute clairvoyant reading

This reading is formatted. It includes  spirit reading, past lives & aura reading

✮ Downloadable mp3 recording

✮ 60-minute follow up coaching session

✮ Create action items for your next steps forward!


Clairvoyant Package

✮ Four (4) 60-minute personalized clairvoyant readings for a seasonal or monthly 'tune-up!'

✮ Downloadable mp3 recordings for all readings.


Coaching Package

✮ Two (2) month coaching program designed for you.

✮ Includes one (1) clairvoyant reading (60-minutes) & three (3) clairvoyant coaching sessions (60-minutes).

✮ Reiki, energy alignment, & house clearing may be built into your package


Energy Alignment

✮ 60- minute chakra/aura clean out and re-balance

✮ Body systems re-balance for optimal healing and recovery

✮ Alignment completed with healing guides and Usui Reiki


Clairvoyant Readings

✮ 60 or 90-minute personalized clairvoyant reading 

✮ Ask about love, money, relationships, career, purpose, health, direction, and more!

✮ Includes clearing foreign energy that is blocking you

✮ Downloadable mp3 recording


Customizable Packages

✮ Customized packages available upon request 

✮ Packages specially designed to meet your unique needs

✮ Mix and match readings, energy alignment, and coaching

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