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Transition is a Choice

Transition by definition is the process of changing from one state of being into another.

Like a catepillar reduces to DNA soup to return to a new physical form of the butterfly – we also completely come apart only to come back together into our next, new form.

Of course, our bodies stay the same – but something inside radically shifts and creates a new presentation of us.  We look the same but we are definitely not the same.

Transition is a choice

Just because transition shows up, doesn’t mean we have to go for the ride.  We can deny transition.  It can be stuffed into the backseat over and over again.

Heck… we may not even recognize that it is transition knocking at our door!  Something just feels different…

Our familiar world suddenly looks different to us than it did just a moment ago.  Or perhaps what has been familiar to us about ourself suddenly feels like a stranger in our life.

And each time transition returns, the call gets louder and comes with a greater ferocity until one day, we finally decide that we simply have to listen.

To engage transition is always a choice.

What happens when we say ‘Yes’?

When we decide that we will flow with the energy of transition in the direction it wants us to follow, we need to then have a look at the multiple aspects (or areas) of our life to reduce ‘the noise’ and release that which no longer serves us.  This is what I call transitioning with intention.

This is all about looking at all the different parts of our life from a lens of self-loving evaluation.  I am choosing to take this journey of transition – Does this [person, place, thing] serve me and support me at this time?

One of my favorite questions to ask upon waking each day is “Who does my life need me to be today, to serve my purpose?” It’s kinda like the deal I make with myself first thing in the day before I even get out of bed.

Who and what you surround yourself with does matter.

Creating the container of support

There are many external things we can adjust to ease the transition process, no matter what kind of transition it is.  And we need to do those things so that we are as supported as we can possibly be.

But — before we look outward at the world around us, we must begin first within ourselves.  How are we supporting ourself?

Are you supporting you first and foremost?  Change and transition are inevitably stressful to humans to some degree.  We usually don’t like it, and especially if it came looking for us and not the other way around.

Are you caring for your body in a way that supports vitality and recovery?  We’re talking about healthy eats and plenty of good sleep; We’re talking about plenty of fluids and not so much on the alcohol.

Are you choosing activities and actions that support the direction you have chosen? Does the outlook you choose, the way you speak, and what you do reflect the energy of the direction you are heading?  How you present yourself matters – less for others and more for you.  Your words and actions carry energy – make sure yours carry the energy you wish to reflect!

Are you taking care of basic needs? Washing, showering, and keeping up the immediate living space have a tremendous benefit to our stress levels.  Keeping a body and home that is taken care of (at least to some baseline level) and respected has a positive impact on how we feel during transition. Keeping up our personal space reinforces the trust we need to have in ourselves.

Choosing an environment that supports your transition

It is so very important to consider the outside environmental forces that surround you in your transition.

Is your home life supporting you?  This means not only the people in your life supporting you, but also with what activities they are choosing for themselves that may be in your space.

Is your job supporting you?  Again, this isn’t just about the job itself, but all aspects of that job.  The purpose of it, the tasks you must complete, and the people that surround you as well as the choices they make that may impact you.

Are the places you hang out in alignment with the direction you are going? If you want to be sober, it doesn’t make much sense to hang out in a bar, right?

Does where you live align with your new direction? Having happiness with where you live has a tremendous impact on how we feel about our lives.  For example, if you have been living in the city and you abhor the city, it may be time to consider relocating to a place that is more aligned to who you are.

Do the people that surround you support your direction? And I don’t mean just cheering you on, but are you mostly surrounding yourself with people who are on the same or similar path?  This is important to build and maintain the energy of your ‘container’ in alignment with where you are heading.

When we are transitioning, as hard as it is, we need to be extra vigilant to ensure we are receiving the highest level of support in all areas of our lives.  Anything less can left us feeling unsure, in doubt, drained of our precious energy, and falling ill.

Transition is a big deal and it can be done with intention

Yep.  Even when it just shows up suddenly through unexpected loss or change – we can choose to deny it or embrace it.  We still get to choose!

And we can choose to do it with the fullness of our being and with intention.  When we do this, discomfort is by no means alleviated – sorry!  But.  You do get to enter in knowingly and willingly, and THAT…. makes all the difference.

Transitioning with intention means embracing the energy it carries willingly and preparing ourselves and our lives, in every way possible, to be as supported as we can create for ourselves to get the most there is to get from it.

Understanding the elements of transition that you can control, are you more willing to step in?

Until next week, Brandy xxx

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

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