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Language of Transition

I am blessed and fortunate…

to have experienced what feels now like a multi-year stream of ongoing transitions, one cascading into the next.  This is my growth.  This is my expansion.  This is also at times the mirror for my fear.

Over the years, I have learned to lean in and understand more about what my transitions ask of me, and how I can consciously navigate them.  I have learned to consciously engage and squeeze the most out of my transitions to become everything I am here to become.  Part of my work is to master my own transitions so that I may help others walk their transition path with grace.

One hundred percent of women I talk to…

say that being in transition is lonely and confusing, that they feel largely misunderstood, and they just wish someone could have told them it was normal to feel this way.  I never want another woman that I can reach to feel alone in her transition.

I am here to tell you that everything you are going through is normal.  So. Normal.  I felt called to center this blog around quotes from so many of the women I have been able to reach in some capacity, who have willingly shared their story in such a raw way with me.  I am so grateful.

If you are feeling alone in your transition, please read on.  I know that you will find at least one share (and likely many) that you can identify with.  You are never alone.  Someone else has been there too.

Hearing it from the women….

I isolated myself due to lack of support and I chose not to share to avoid uncomfortable conversations.  I wish others cared less about details and more about me.

I fell apart.  It’s not all roses.  I know what I need to do but cannot get started.

Am I really meant to do this? Is the timing really right?  Nobody ever told me it would be like this.

I felt lonely, out of touch, out of control…. it was numbing and I felt helpless.

I feel like a failure. So much of our identity is tied to the work we do…. Who am I now?

I am still in transition; I have learned that as a Mother, I will always be in some sort of transition.

I needed support and I didn’t have it.  It felt like no one understood how I felt.

I was just kinda in denial.  Nights were tough.  I wore the mask I needed to wear during the day and then broke down at night.

It feels like I’ve been blown to pieces.  Now as I’m trying to pull things back together, where do all the pieces fit?

It’s like the feeling of emptiness that comes when your energy is no longer focused on whatever it was and you don’t know where to place it next.

I want something to make me feel complete again. Some part of me was lost in that [experience] but I can’t identify what it is.

I just wanted someone to help me understand all the guilt and other feelings.  I wish someone could have supported me and told me that this is normal.

I just want to feel understood. I just want to be given the time to work things out on my own time.

What made sense to me before doesn’t make sense to me now.

I thank each of these women and so many more who have shared their most intimate thoughts and feelings with me.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you get clear and gain the confidence you want so you can begin moving forward, let’s get on a discovery call together:  https://brandymoonfaven.com/work-with-me/

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