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How To Get Unstuck – Keep Open Doors (Part 4/4 July Series)

When we feel stuck, the greatest devastation we can do is to close some door.

Feeling stuck is by nature, a constricted state of being.  You feel like things are closing in on you and your options are limited because of your unique circumstances.  The more you constrict, the tighter your circumstances begin to feel.

The opposite of constriction is expansion.  Which one sounds better?

One thing is for sure: If you close the door on some possibility by giving it the hand, it will definitely not be a possibility for you.  At least keep the door open.  Allow for expansion.  Just allow for it.

Some circumstance or your perception may change, allowing you to have access to, or notice something that previously alluded you.

What I mean by keeping the doors open

When I am feeling stuck, it is most important for me to remember to open all doors of possibility.  When we close doors, we limit what is a possible way through the very thing that makes us feel stuck.  I don’t like to take anything off the table, really, unless it goes against my values or is directly contrary to what I want to achieve.

When we keep our doors open – or keep our mind open – we remain open to something that previously did not look like a solution, to looking very much like the solution or the next right step.  A shift in perception changes the way things look to us.

How can I open my doors?

Have you ever seen a child in wonder?  The look in those eyes… it’s like pure innocence and openness, and a look of asking… What is…?  How could….?

Do you get the sense that, for that child, any and all things are possible?  The moment we begin asking, we open up our doors – our eyes – to all that is possible for us.  It wakens that small child in us once again and so much more becomes possible through untainted eyes.

‘I wonder how I could [x]?’ ‘What if [x] could work?’ ‘How could [x] happen?’ ‘What do I need to do to help [x] happen?’

Move into a space of ‘I wonder…’

Moving into the space of ‘I wonder how’ and ‘How could’ instantly removes all barriers and opens all possibilities.  It creates space for something new to come into view.

It can literally create a magic lens to look through and find something that was already there, that we just couldn’t see previously.

I have found resources over and over again where I swore there were none.  The right person, circumstance, or money, has come into view at just the right time when I asked ‘I wonder how [x] could work?’

It was a matter of taking down the wall and opening the doors instead, that created the space to allow what I needed to come through.

A Story

When I first started my business in January, I had no clue really what the hell I was doing.  I was under the common (but mistakenly incorrect) naive belief that if I build a website, they will come.  And I also suspected deep down from previous experience, that wasn’t enough, but I still had my fingers crossed.

I had begun a free month-long online workshop to build your online business through a Facebook group.  A long-time acquaintance had invited me and I half got on board… until I saw all that was available!  FREE coaching!  Yes, really – FREE coaching.  And damn good coaches too!

My initial reaction – a wall

Of course, at the end of this month-long group, there was a pitch for the REAL DEAL program.  This was Jenny Shih’s 15-week complete business building toolkit program called Make It Work Online.

The price was astronomical (to me at the time) and my first thought was, Oh, Hell No!  I can’t afford that!  My business wasn’t even earning anything yet.  I need to be making money before I can start spending money on things like this.

The Questioning Moment

Then I thought for a moment.  Really?  Is that really true?  Is that really where this goldmine of an opportunity for me ends?

Was anything I just thought really true.  On the one hand, I already knew what I had in business sense – zilch.  On the other hand, I saw the potential of what I could have – a helluva lot more than I had at that time!

Just what if this was the coaching program I need to show me what to do?  Just what if this could be the thing that sets me up on the right starting path?  Do I really want to just put up the hand without considering some way, some possibility that I could make this work financially?

I was willing to see something differently.  I knew needed to open up to the possibility.  And. Just. Ask.  And so I did.

The Opening

I stepped outside that night and asked Spirit, ‘If I am supposed to do this, if this is for me, help me see how this could work.  Help me see how I could make this happen.’  And then I just let it go.

The next day, I woke and went to my shift at my part-time job.  When I came home that evening, I felt compelled to apply to the program, just to take that next step.  Just to see if there was even a possibility that I would be accepted.

Within a few days, I received my acceptance letter.  In that moment, I felt a strong compulsion in my gut to move forward with it.  And I still didn’t know for sure how.

During this space of 72 hours, I had begun to see some different ways that this money actually could become available to me.  It wasn’t so far out of reach after all.  Uncomfortable – yes.  Out of the question – absolutely not.

The Clarity

It took me less than 24 hours after being accepted to pull the trigger and register myself for the 15-week course.  And it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Had I stuck with my initial answer of ‘Oh, Hell No!,’ that would have been the end of story.  I shudder to think about where I would be right now without that training and coaching.

Because I knew that closing doors – well, it closes doors! – I was able to stop myself from stopping myself, essentially, lol.  I would have prevented myself from seeing a very clear, and doable way through.

By opening back up to how could this become possible, I was able to find the way through to what really was possible, and what was meant for me.  I was completely meant to stumble into that free online program, and stumble onto the offer, and stumble into all the structure and support I needed to get myself going on my path.

Why does ‘I wonder’ work so well?

The phrases ‘I wonder…’ and ‘How could…’ work so well because they help us open the doors to what is really possible.  It helps us open our mind and sight to what resources might be there to support us.  Where we were boxed in just a moment earlier, the walls suddenly drop and ALL that is available becomes visible to us.

It creates space for something unseen to come into view.  It creates space for us to expand our view and shift our perception.  Basically, it allows for magic to happen in our lives.

Choosing to wonder how something could work opens us to our intuition.  When we ask the questions, the Universe simply cannot wait to answer us!  We live in a loving and supportive Universe.

Our guides, the Angels, and the Universe want to help.  They want to support us in getting to our highest and greatest good.

All we ever have to do is ask, and then keep the doors open to receive what is possible.

Until next week, Brandy xx

I work with women who feel alone, confused, and misunderstood after a significant change or loss in their life. I help them get clear on what matters most and gain the confidence to move forward with a plan so their life feels normal again.

I love, love, love to help people come into a relationship with their inner guidance for making life decisions.  If you would like to talk with me about working together to help move you forward, you may reach out to me at brandymoonfaven@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

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