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How to Ask for What You Want

I have recently taken on a practice of writing 750 words each morning (the website is 750words.com if you are interested). It’s as straight forward as it sounds: You log in and write 750 words each day.

Free-writing as a first exercise of the day, helps me start work with my creative juices already flowing.  And there are additionally so many good reasons to do this!  As I empty my mind of whatever is swirling around in there, it allows for the really great ideas to come through.

This morning, as I was allowing the words to flow, I really began to take notice of how I was positioning myself through my writing.

How we ask, matters.

It really matters how we position our ask to the Universe.  I had written in my first few sentences of mental chatter dump: ‘I need a blog idea to come in’… and felt like…

Ewww, that’s a gross way to ask for something…. 

It doesn’t sound like I want to birth an idea.  It sounds like I just want one plopped on my lap!  I didn’t like the feel of it at all.  I didn’t even want the energy of it on my page!

Delete, delete, delete…. and re-type – ‘I am ready to receive the blog idea that will be most helpful to my readers today.’  There.  That felt much better.

To make it even better: I am ready to receive the blog idea that will best serve those I am an energetic match with.’

Do you notice I said with and not for?  That was very specific and I am going to tell you why these ins of specific nuances matter.

The way we choose to position ourselves really does matter…. a lot!

Read these two very different statements aloud, and tell me which sounds more promising:

‘I need a new car.’

‘I am ready to receive the perfect car for me this week.’

Whoa.  If you cannot feel that difference, you need to put your feelers on.  The first statement is icky and desperate.  The second is freeing and allowing…. trusting too, isn’t it?  

Get specific

The first sentence sounds like white-knuckling through the situation of needing a car – and now!  This person just wants some car, right now.  Who knows what the heck will show up?

The second sentence is trusting and specific.  It says that I am ready (Translated: I believe I will) to receive the exact right car for me, and I trust that the Universe will deliver it to me this week.  I have nothing to worry about!

Circling back to when I wrote in my 750 words – the specifics about best serving those who are an energetic match with me – I intend to attract those who already resonate with my message, not those I have to convince or convert.  We want to be very specific!


Whatever we put out is what will come back.  That is just a basic law of the Universe: Resonance.  What shows up in our life is the reflection of how we are resonating (our frequency or vibration).

You can have a look at the people, places, and things in your life and know exactly what you are putting out to the Universe.  Like it or not, it is just a Universal truth.

And you may say, ‘Uh-uh, no way!  I only put out the most high-vibe, positive, uplifting, yada-yada things….’  The reality is that it comes from a deeper space than what comes out from our mouths.

Okay Yoda… where does it come from then?

It comes from what you think and believe subconsciously, annnd… what you choose to consciously think and feel.

Words are simply not enough.  We live in a feeling Universe. What we feel becomes real because: Where attention goes, energy flows. 

Words of course, are important, but mostly as a way to choose our thinking path.  And where our mind goes, our feelings follow.

When I was writing to ‘invite’ the blog in this morning, the way I position myself through language determines how I think and feel about it once I get past those words.

At the moment I shifted my words from the energetic quality of needing to the quality of receiving, the energy of my entire being shifted too.

Sometimes, word changes aren’t enough; they need to be selected strategically to begin just a subtle shift in the bigger picture thinking that we want to create.

In the event that words are enough to shift the energy in one fell swoop – by all means, use them!

How do you know what to shift?

You know by noticing how the words you speak or write make you feel.  Writing into my 750 words journal that I needed a blog idea – felt so gross and icky to me.

Additionally, it felt disrespectful to Spirit – to whom I was directing my ask for guidance.  It did not carry the energy of co-creation that I strive to live from.

My feels were the cue I needed to change the words, immediately.  Once I chose I am ready to receive …., I felt empowered.

Choosing empowerment, allowed me to create the space of open receptivity that I longed for.  It felt right, allowing, and with the positive expectation that Spirit would answer.

Empowered requests create the empowerment I seek!

Questions to consider or reflect on

What is the quality of energy you desire around what you are trying to create?

How does this language make me feel?

Does the language you choose support the feelings necessary to create and draw that experience in towards you?

Is this the most empowering language I can choose?

If you would like some help with your languaging, shoot me a quick email at brandymoonfaven@gmail.com and I would be happy to help you choose words that will best support the actions you are trying to take!

Until next week, Brandy xx

I am a Spiritual Intuitive Coach who works with women that feel called to create more meaning and fulfillment in their lifestyle or career. They fear that they’re too old, might be making a mistake, or will disappoint their loved ones. I help them trust their inner guidance so they feel confident to express their life in a way that makes them feel happy and connected to who they truly are.

I love, love, love to help people come into a relationship with their inner guidance for making life decisions.  If you would like to talk with me about working together to help move you forward, you may reach out to me at brandymoonfaven@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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