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Endings Always Lead to New Beginnings

Today in meditation, I saw the image of a tiny, new green leaf. I took it into my hand and held it close to my heart. For me, today, it signified new beginnings and I felt compelled to write about that.

It has been almost 9 months since I was released from my old job. It will soon be a year. When I think back to the instant that this occurred and fast forward to where I am now, it is a difference of many years of transformational work sped up into a 9 month period.

I might have at that time panicked (not to imply that I didn’t panic!) and gone out to find another J-O-B. It would have certainly taken care of my stresses.

It also would have completely side-stepped a very important transition in my life that would have kept me on the exact same track I was on. The synchronicity of Spirit would have been for naught.

I just couldn’t do it. My Soul wouldn’t have it.

Change or Transition?

I have talked before about the difference between change and transition. We often use the two words interchangeably and it’s not quite correct. A change does not mean transition. Not at all. A change can just be a change.

A change is a means to an end; There is a goal we want or need to achieve, and so we make a change to achieve that. Using my own story above, it might look like: I lost my job and need to make money now, so I find a new job to replace the old one. Life continues on as it were, mostly.

Transition happens when we look deeper, when bigger questions arise that open us up to an inner shift. Why is this change significant?  What is this bringing up for me to look at?  Who am I really and is this what I truly want?

Again, using my own story: I just lost my job. I have held a deep yearning to step into my life work for some time. I just declared that I will do what it takes to start my business, and suddenly, I lose my job?

What is the significance of this timing? What is it that is really needed right now?

Transition is a choice.

Transition is an energy. A very unique energy that enters our space with the choice to ‘take the blue pill or the red pill,’ so to speak.

We do not have to engage it; We can deny and push down this energy and place it out of our sight. But as we know, what must come up will eventually surface in another scenario of our life.

What wants our attention will grab it somehow.

Reflecting back on my own story – I had been wanting this change for years. It was tugging at my inner being, but the luring comfort of worldly security held me back from fully stepping into it.

It wanted me just as much as I wanted it. And so, it would find its way to me somehow. It just had to find the right door in to present itself.

And I had to be willing to accept this offer to transform my life.

I might have denied it and used a temporary fix – a change – to skirt the transition that was longing for me, i.e. just replace the job. This would have just delayed the onset of the transition that was inevitable. And more pain and suffering would be created in denying my path.

Transitions are not easy. They are difficult, trying, lonely – a test of our mettle at times. We have to be willing to walk into the unknown. Most of us fear that, myself included.

Endings Always Lead to New Beginnings

Endings mostly suck. Let’s face it: Even if the ending was needed, we typically grieve some part of the loss of what has passed. And this is completely natural.

Any transition I have ever had was needed – absolutely needed – and some part of the past was grieved.

It is difficult to see in the moment how there could be another way. We cannot see what the future looks like so it’s hard to imagine fully.

But there can never just be an end. It just doesn’t work that way.

Because life does go on, and that means there must be another beginning to this story.

When we can trust this and know this and engage transition with some bit of courage and willingness to work through our stuff, the new beginning starts. And suddenly, months begin to pass.

And it’s certainly not easy, but we are still alive, we are finding a new way to make things work, and we even smile from time to time – and even more as time passes.

As Time Passes…

Soon it’s been 6, 12, 18-months out and here is this whole new way of being that has magically entered us before our very eyes. And we are amazed at this. How did this all fall into perfect order?

Looking back at specific instances, the timing appears to have been Divinely orchestrated. How things leave just at the right time for new things to appear…. That one door closes and another opens just right after…. It’s amazing when you look closely at the timing of synchronicities.

And just the same… the waiting also seems to be Divinely timed. Had ___ not taken this long, I would have been unable to receive ____ …. You fill in the blanks. I hear these stories all the time. Over and over.

Where does trust take you?

There cannot be an end without a new beginning as long as life continues. Can you know that this is true in your heart?  What evidence of this have you seen in your own life?

Where can you be more willing to let go a little, to see what needs to leave your space so that a new beginning can emerge?

What transition has been calling you, tugging at your side, to enter into a journey of transformation with it?

Are you ready to answer your own call?

With that, have a good week… Brandy xxx

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

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