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Because it’s what I believe.

Transition can really rock us to the core. I know this because I have been through some pretty demanding transitions of my own – divorce, sobriety, job loss into career change, reinvention – among others less demanding.

Transition is deeply personal. It sucks to hear people offer their well intended ‘shoulds’ and ‘you ought to’s’ when what is really needed is compassionate support and deep listening.

Transition is weird and brings about its own unique, strange brew of feeling combinations. In those moments, it is so normal to feel any combination of powerful feelings – sad, alone, confused, isolated, shame, fear, doubt, vulnerable, unsure, grief, anger, and more.

I recall describing the feel of one my transitions as ‘being in a silo.’ That’s how it felt. Like I was completely and utterly alone and there was no one who could understand me.

And yet, we can choose to engage transition from a different perspective which shifts the feel of it completely.

What if transition is here to teach us something? What if transition is trying to draw awareness to some aspect of our life that needs our attention right now?

Are you open to the possibility that what your transition is trying to offer you is actually a sweet gift from the Universe, letting you know that it’s time for a big, beautiful shift to emerge in your life now? Is it possible to release the fear and grab on to hope instead?

Transition is a gift. Yep. There, I said it. As much as it rocks us, it is our gift to use.

Transition is our partner in personal transformation if we let it. It wants to partner with us – it wants to see us grow and transform! That is the call of transition – that we have outgrown some aspect of our life that needs our attention to change and grow now. And if we choose to ignore it, it will return again louder and with greater ferocity to listen. I know this personally.

We can transform with greater ease when we choose to engage transition with intention.

When we are ready to emerge from sadness, blame, and victim thinking, we can choose instead to become an empowered author of our life. We can decide that we want to partner with transition and turn the struggle into a dance. It is then that we move and flow with transition in grace, and transform into the most beautiful version of ourselves to this point.

You are not alone. In one of my most sad and dark moments in transition, I realized that it was my calling to gather my experiences and skills to be available for other women who are spinning or stuck in transition. Clarity is absolutely ahead for you if you are ready to engage the message that transition brings forth. I help women get to that space of clarity and hope.

I never want another woman to feel that no one understands what they are going through – because I do. And I am here now as a Life Transition Coach to support you on your unique journey through your own beautiful transition.

I say ‘beautiful’ because it’s what I truly believe. Transition is a beautiful gift.

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