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Baseline Method for Supportive Transitioning

Are you in a transition? Perhaps you are unsure. If you are sure you are in transition, you know full well how hard it can be to get your bearings at times.

For those of you who aren’t sure, allow me to quickly explain what a transition is. Most people erroneously use the words change and transition interchangeably. A change is a one-time event; Transition is a process that unfolds where we change from one state of being into the next. Big difference!

For people who are in transition, it can feel like what they used to know, no longer makes sense to them; What they believed to be true, must now be questioned.  They often feel alone, confused and misunderstood as they navigate this internal shift that has occurred.  Sound familiar?

A sudden change can often trigger a transition, but it doesn’t always. Or, it can trigger a transition that gets ignored or swept under the rug when someone wants to just get on with life and avoid the messiness of it all.

What can I do to feel normal while this is happening?

One of the simplest (not necessarily easy) things we can do is create a baseline routine that we know we can follow — One that supports all aspects of our Being, so that we don’t completely lose our grounding and spin off into outerspace.  Creating a baseline routine provides us with harmony and a  basic lifeline momentum.

Transition is messy! Even when you have your shit together and are aware of what transition is and that,‘Yep… I’m in one and I’m working it…’  It is messy to us all.

Either we cannot even get out of bed to start the day and wander aimlessly once we do, OR we have jammed our schedule packed with new responsibilities or more accurately – distractions – to help manage how we are feeling.

Creating a baseline routine helps

One of the most grounding things you can do it set up a baseline routine that you will follow no matter what. Doing this offers you several things: 1. Creates an anchor in your life 2. Shows you that you can still trust yourself 3. Creates or keeps at least a baseline momentum 4. Supports a baseline self-care that is so greatly needed at this time 5. Gives you an element of control in your life in a time when it may feel that you have none.

Sounds great?!  Like a step up from where you are now?  Good.  Let’s get into how you can do this.

Let me tell you about my baseline routine when I could barely get out of bed…

I will use the example of what happened for me when I went into transition triggered by job loss.  I found myself in instant shock and devastation to begin with.  There was no quick turnaround in my situation.

I was not in any kind of emotional state to go and find a job.  I needed to heal.  Part of that was suffering severe depression for several weeks on end.  During that time, it was a struggle to get out of bed, much less to do anything else.

I made the agreement with myself that I would do four things each day to take care of my physical world:

1. Get out of bed at 0730 2. Make my bed 3. Wash my dishes 4. Maintain laundry (cleaning clothes and putting away clothes)

(I will add a 5th promise I made to wash, shave, and brush each day.)

This was my baseline that I knew for sure I could commit to.  And even that was a stretch some days….

Taking all parts of Self into consideration is key to creating harmony

The next parts I looked at were body, mind, Spirit.  What am I able to do in each of those areas?

For my Body aspect: I committed to maintaining my baseline (already healthy) diet with multivitamins to catch any weaknesses in my nutrition.  I also committed to one smoothie and one fresh juice per day.  I felt I could do this much.

For my Mind aspect:  It was so important that I kept up with gratitude, visualization, and affirmations.  I committed to writing in my daily gratitude journal first thing in the morning.  Then, I would write affirmations around my dream life and future business each day, holding the image in my mind and the feelings in my heart.  I could commit to this because it really made me feel good to do it.

For my Spirit aspect: I committed to daily meditation, prayer, Reiki, and working with my Angels.  Again, it was easy to commit to because it made me feel so good to do it.  And I really needed it at the time to feel anchored in as well as to promote healing!

I think you get the idea.  Basically, look at each area of your life and determine a healthy baseline that you can commit to in order to stay grounded and keep some small bit of lifeline momentum.  Or, it may be that you need to do this to slow things down.  It works just the same.

Some Helpful Tips

Some helpful tips: 1. Look at the four main areas of your life: Environment, Body, Mind, Spirit – If there are more for you, please add them. 2. Assess what you are already doing well that you can commit to continue.  That counts too! 3. For an area that is lacking your attention, determine a bare minimum that you could do that would make you feel productive or self-supportive in that area. 4. Start there; You can easily scale later on.  Remember – I started with the promise to get out of bed. 5. Re-assess as you begin to gain strength and energy to see where you can scale by adding in more commitments or more complex commitments.

Sometimes doing the bare minimum is a really huge feat!

This is likely one of the few times in your life where you feel you have permission to be okay with achieving the bare minimum.  Sometimes, the bare minimum is the most we can muster and we must honor ourselves where we are at in the process.

Again, the idea here is to keep some basic movement and airflow so that you don’t slip through the cracks.  By maintaining a baseline momentum, you at least keep some juices flowing for when things start to feel better.  You owe it to yourself to be kind and allow for healing to take place, in whatever shape or time allotment that takes for you.

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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