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Are you living the life of your dreams?

Are you living the life of your dreams yet?

Welcome to all of you!  My name is Brandy Moon Faven and I am a Life Transition Coach for Women. The realization of my longtime dream coaching business rides on the tail of a devastating event that truly changed the trajectory of my life.  My transition that led me to when I am now actually began about 5 years ago and was catapulted into full force action after returning from a trip to South America in 2018.


The seed of my transition was first planted in 2013 when I returned to my roots in Reiki energy work, which began for me in my early twenties. As I progressed along this path again, I became interested in the idea of creating a healing practice. Through a strong desire to grow myself as a spiritual and transformative practitioner, I enrolled in the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology degree online program through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona while continuing to work full time at my established job.

In 2016, I completed my AOS degree program which included a diploma as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner alongside multiple certifications: Life Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, and as an Ordained Minister through my Spiritual Studies concentration. Wow! Now I had a whole arsenal of training and tools and I was ready to begin my life work.

I immediately established my holistic wellness business; one that quickly became a side business. At the time, I lacked the vision to package my skills and experience into an integrated approach that made sense to me.  I had a number of the necessary pieces but couldn’t understand how they all fit together to create a viable practice.

I convinced myself that I was just waiting for the ‘right time’ to commit myself to launch fully into it; in reality I just wasn’t ready to leave the comfort and security of my tenured career to take a big leap into something that was unknown. Failing to carry through with the work that I believed was my true calling only made me feel worse about myself. I felt like a failure. It was one of the most conflicted times of my life.

Eventually, I closed my business and continued making excuses about why I should continue working my full-time job, delaying my life’s work until later. Like many other people established in their careers, I had created a comfortable, safe lifestyle–one that made it nearly impossible to sever ties and begin pursuing my dreams.

I had even decided that I would wait another 10 years so that I could reach my 25-year milestone at the company I was with!   This was the height of my attempt at risk avoidance. I felt completely out of control of my future and at the mercy of the fear of failure.

I now know there is never a good time to make a change; there is only ever right now.


In 2018, after returning from a retreat in the jungles of Peru, I was terminated from my ‘secure’ job of more than 16 years. Whoa. What?!  Really?! This is the type of thing that happens to other people. How can this be happening to me?  But it did – leaving me without my precious safety net.

As it turned out, getting terminated kicked my longtime, idling transition into high gear. It was as if the universe had dealt me a long overdue hand of tough love saying, “Okay… you’ve had enough time to figure this out and you haven’t done anything yet.  Here, allow me to give you a hand!”

I began to focus on all the tools and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years to work through the transition into my new life. That was the instant that it made sense to me.  Having the tools and a clear understanding of what transition feels like and what is needed to engage it fully, I knew that I wanted to support other women in transition to do the same thing with their life.  After feeling the isolation, shame, fear, and confusion of my transition, I wanted to be a person that other women can go to who understands and can help them to navigate their process.

What was initially experienced as shock and devastation of having lost my longtime job, began to feel more and more as a gift — a firm, yet loving nudge from the Universe to get going already!  Shortly after, I felt an inner acknowledgment to enroll in a coaching program at the Life Purpose Institute to further hone and advance my life coaching skills.  I am a Certified Life Coach through their program and will become an Advanced Certified Life Coach this spring.

And Now

Often, when we turn our backs on our true calling, the call only gets louder, coming with greater force and ferocity. This was exactly what happened to me. Falling back on my safety net, I kept putting off my life work because I was more afraid of failure than I was willing to take a new direction.

Transition is a powerful force and comes with a message.  Transition calls us to examine where we have fundamentally shifted to help us align our outer life with our inner life so we can live and work in a way that is better aligned with who we really are and what we are here to do.

My life is different now.  My transition was incredibly difficult while I sifted through the catalog of my life leading to this point: where I had been, the false notions I had identified with, the ways I was keeping myself small, and all the mental barriers that had kept me stuck in a rut. And, more importantly, what I could do about all of it now.

Even today, my transition continues as I walk through each day, into the truth of who I am and how I am to contribute to the world.  I have the inner wisdom and tools to work with the uncomfortable feelings that surface as I plunge through deeper and deeper layers of my transition, while continuing to forge my new path. I refer to this point in ongoing transitions as functional transitioning.

I feel wise these days.  Stress has all but disappeared from my life because I feel that I am more appropriately aligned to this work than to the secure job I left behind. There is a higher resolve beyond the pain and devastation of this experience.  I trust that the Universe has my back and that I will know what to do when the time comes.

I find that It always does, and I always do.

Through my own trusting life-experiences, I know that you too, hold the wisdom to understand what is next in your life. I know that you can make the changes you want to make and become the truest version of who you are and how you are meant to live your life.

It would be my honor to serve you, the women in transition, as you commit yourself to your own beautiful transformation to align yourself with your highest and best Self and achieve your truest life.

I’d like to help you discover it. Will you let me?

Brandy xxx

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