Hello, my name is Brandy Moon

I want to introduce you to Living With Intuition

You’ve just experienced a major internal shift and you may or may not be sure exactly what has happened.  What you do know is that some element of your life must change. 


Something deep inside you has shifted.  It may have happened in an instant or may have been long coming. However it has come, you know that you can no longer continue doing whatever it is that has been holding you back. 


Maybe it’s a job or relationship or some other type of long-term commitment, and you now know that the time is ripe for YOU to step into what you are meant to be.


I understand the need that comes - the call - to step up and fully embody the life you were meant to live.  I have followed my own calls to change a few times now!


I am a Psychic-Intuitive Coach who works with women that feel called to create more meaning and fulfillment in their lifestyle or career.  They fear that they’re too old, might be making a mistake, or will disappoint their loved ones.  I help them trust their inner guidance so they feel confident to express their life in a way that makes them feel happy and connected to who they truly are.

Clairvoyant Program Graduate of The Psychic School. Certified Life Coach, CLC, through the Life Purpose Institute. AOS Degree in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Certifications: Reiki Master/Teacher Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Spiritual Studies, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Grief Recovery Specialist, Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, former Hospice Chaplain.

An intuitive way has always been my path.  
I just had to take a few detours along the way . . . .


A spiritual path first entered my sphere of consciousness in my early twenties.  I had had spiritual experiences and tendencies throughout my early years, not even realizing that was what they were.  I only know that now in hindsight. But it was in my early twenties that I consciously began choosing spirituality as a path in my life.

It all started with yoga when my life felt like it was spinning out a bit in my early twenties.  My feelings and emotions were just running wild and I needed something to reel me in and ground me.  So I decided to try yoga and I loved it right away! I quickly became hooked as yoga integrated into my everyday life, and one thing led to another.

I was soon seeking out my first spiritual books, spending my weekend evenings at the bookstore with pots of tea, enjoying all this new to me information at my fingertips.  It wasn’t long before Reiki (energy healing modality) entered my sphere of consciousness.


If I remember right, it was my yoga teacher at the time, a Reiki Master/Teacher, who was offering Reiki training to those of us in her class.  So, I tried it and loved it too. Reiki was very natural for me and has been a part of my life for 20 years now.

the move to colorado


When I was 26, I moved to Colorado to live in the mountains so I could snowboard and start rock climbing.  I had been snowboarding for 7 years by this time and was ready to live in the heart of that lifestyle. I also thought that I would easily find spiritual communities like what I was used to where I had come from.

I had become certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher before leaving Michigan, and I had the idea that I would begin a Reiki practice here in Colorado.  But first, I just needed to land a job that would create the income I needed to pay my bills. I got a job working for the mountain (ski resort) and it was perfect!  I got my ski pass and benefits and a sweet work schedule, and I had plenty of time to explore the mountains.

The small voice in the background calling me to healing work became more and more distant to my consciousness. My interests drew to the mountain lifestyle and outdoors addiction that nearly everyone here shares. Not having a spiritual community allowed that calling to drown out even further into the background noise, and instead beckoned my physical competitiveness forward.

I was living full-on through my head and my will, and not so much through my heart.  But I was completely happy and satisfied doing that. I loved everything about my active, outdoor mountain lifestyle, especially the freedom to always have an excuse to consume alcohol.  At some point, that really got out of control for me and I realized I had a major problem.

By this time, I had moved very far away from my spiritual path and was instead moving down a destructive and dangerous path of living.  And no one really knew exactly how bad it really was.

a sobering new start


I still remember the day it happened.  I was out climbing with my cocktail and I was so sleepy I decided to take a nap on my crash pad (a pad used for protection when bouldering).  I woke, finding that I had been rained on. I had been passed out cold. And everything came rushing into my conscious awareness at once. The realization of how I was living became so clear and I remember asking myself, “Is this what you’ve been reduced to?”  I knew I had to stop drinking.  Something deep inside pointed to an obvious new change that had to happen.

Sobriety was the first major transition that I was consciously aware of as being a transition.  I had to learn how to navigate all the discomforts of it and I felt so alone at times. I had changed absolutely everything- all people, places, and things. I created a new way of living with new habits and new friends.  

I spent an entire winter ‘nesting’ (I did not leave the house except to go to work). Thank God I had other sober people in my life to help me understand that this was normal and that my new sober life would eventually feel like my normal life again.  I felt weird and unsure of myself in this new skin I was creating.

I hid. A lot.  I hid from people.  I did not want to face the questions about why I wasn’t drinking or hanging out at the bar anymore.  You know what? No one ever asked. I don’t think one single person ever asked me the question that winter.  Or that following summer. Or at any point that I can think of unless it was someone really close to me.

This was when I learned a most valuable lesson: They don’t really care about what you are doing.  People are busy with their own lives and don’t even notice.

connecting back to the real me and to spirit


That transition led to my reconnection to a spiritual lifestyle that had always longed for me (not knowing that I also longed for it).  Within about a year of becoming sober, I began meditating on a regular basis and found my return to Reiki shortly after that. My world opened up again and began to feel bigger – more expansive.

I began to feel closer to my true self and the spiritual longing that had always existed within me.  I think I used alcohol to keep it down for some reason that I would only come to understand many years later.  (As an empath, sensing and feeling everything around you that isn’t necessarily yours can be exhausting. I have since learned that many empaths unknowingly choose alcohol or drugs to dull the constant feelings they are receiving.)

Shortly after, I began to feel the pull once again to move towards creating something more with my life.  The small still voice that had grown distant began to return to my consciousness once again.  I wanted to work as a healer and a coach.  In 2013, I went back to school to study in a healing arts program, which began another great and long transition.

finding me found me out of a marriage


I enrolled in the Mind-Body Transformational Psychology program at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.   I had been told that the program would be more than just an educational experience; It would also be a journey of personal growth and healing.  During the time I was in school, I was doing so much work on myself. My education was growing me. Fast.

My marriage with my husband was quickly and undeniably dissolving before my eyes. We had become less and less of a fit for both of us and we eventually divorced – another transition.  As I racked up the years of sober living and getting in tune with myself from a spiritual perspective, my husband and I had simply drifted further and further apart.  

Our lifestyles couldn’t have become more different, and I hated his choices at times. He would still come home drunk and crawl into bed. I hated waking in the morning to the smell of rotten alcohol breath in our room.  We just weren’t meeting in the middle anymore.

Our divorce papers were submitted during the summer of 2014 and by October of that same year, we were officially divorced.  If you have ever been divorced, you are probably aware that you can reverse your name to your previous name at no cost by request to the court.  Hm. That would be my maiden name.

I no longer felt I could identify with either name – I was no longer the girl of over a decade ago, and I certainly was no longer the person associated with my married name. It was clear to me that I needed to choose my own name to go my own separate path in the world. I spent many months feeling into just the right name for me, and I found that process to be a deeply healing and cathartic experience for me.  I know for a fact that I am the only Brandy Moon Faven that walks this planet.

In the summer of 2015, we put the condo on the market that I was still living in and sold it.  Our time in that home was the longest time I had spent living in one place – 13 years. It was really hard to leave that space.  We had made it our own and all my energy was in that home. It took me a solid 18-months to reroot and establish comfortable energy in my new home.  It was a transition in and of itself.

With the divorce finalized and two separate lives moving on, it felt like all the things that no longer fit whom I had become, had ended.  Or so I thought. There would still be one more thing on down the road.

the beginning of the end


In 2016 when my schooling was complete, I began my first business, which had no clear direction.  I had all the tools but didn’t know how they all fit together to form a lucrative business. I also had at the time, a now 14-year tenured job at the ski resort that was very comfortable and very secure.


I later learned that I am not a person that can make a big move (like starting a business) while a safety net is present.  Spirit knew that too. Little did I know that I would be in for a big surprise.

In 2017, I closed the doors on my business and headed to the jungle of Peru to get some clarity on my path by working with the plant medicines.  I just knew that when I returned from that, I would know exactly what to do. As it turned out, deeper layers of my unresolved issues were raised to the surface for me to closely examine for yet another year.  I had not gained the clarity I had hoped for to start my business again.

All the while, my secure job was feeling less and less so.  Times were very troubling.

I returned to the jungle again in summer 2018 with the intention to get aligned to my life purpose.  I had my view of what that meant, and Spirit had another. I did get very clear on what I wanted and the path I needed to follow. The small still voice beckoning me to my path as a coach and healer became very clear once again.  Spirit knew that I needed an extra special boost, and decided to give me one.

the death of an old identity, births new life


As soon as I returned, I lost my 16-year job, right alongside everything I identified with.  This loss hit me hard, at the Soul level. I was deeply crushed in so many ways. I did not know who I was, or even more crushing, how I had gotten so far from who I was.  I had never realized until this point just how much of me was identified to – my Job. A job.

I was so damn good at that job.  I knew so much stuff, and what I didn’t know, I knew exactly how to find the answers.  And I served our guests and my people with 100% of my heart. I was the go-to person for many people who trusted me to take care of their needs.  And I did.

Not only did I lose a job that day, but I also lost my community of 16 years.  Work and life come together at the mountain. Skiing is the common thread that brings co-workers together. The people you work with become your community and some of your closest friends.  

using my tools showed me what my tools were for


I went into a long and deep Soul search healing for many months.  I had to pull together all the tools I had acquired over the years from my education, training, and personal growth experiences to dig deep, deep into Me.


During this time, I felt completely and utterly alone.  There was no one who understood what I was going through. I couldn’t believe how isolated I felt. I described my experience as ‘being in a silo.’  

I hid.  I hid from social media; I hid from people in the grocery store; and I hid from my friends.  I did not want to face people and what I thought they might be thinking of me. I did not want to answer their questions about ‘So what are you doing now?’  

(Even though I learned long ago in early sobriety that people actually don’t pay much attention to what you are doing, I was absolutely sure in my mind that everyone was thinking of me constantly.  It was likely the farthest thing from the truth.)

‘How was I doing now?’  I was doing like shit now!  I felt depressed, sad, and alone, confused – a potpourri of emotions and feelings in a world of people who seem to just bury stuff and move on – that wasn’t my answer.  

I knew this all happened for a reason in my life.  The timing was just too incredible to be anything less than Divine intervention on my life.

I had to make good use of what was obviously a Spirit-orchestrated opportunity, no matter how complicated it was for me to move through it.  I couldn’t just go out and get another job. Remember – I had gone to Peru to get aligned with my purpose to step into my life’s work, and I did that.  This was the result of that intention. I had to answer the call.

This was my opportunity to finally begin my life work that I had longed to do for so many years.

In my self-healing journey during this time, it became so clear to me that all I had been through – all my personal work, all the education and training I had put together over the years – was for this purpose: To help other women walk through their life transitions with intention.  

I had an instant inner burning passion – a deep knowing – that I am to help other women to trust their intuitive call to pursue the things that connect them back to who they are, and know how to move forward in their life.  

I did not want another woman to go through what I had been through without having someone to turn to who not only understands, but who also has the tools and personal experience to help them navigate their own path.  I was grateful to have had the tools to help myself and now I want to share those tools and insights with others.


my life today

Today, I get to work with other women who cannot see past the silo they feel like they are in – separated from the world and a life they once felt connected to.  As a Certified Life Coach, I help other women get clear on what matters most to them so that they can gain the confidence they need to listen to the inner guidance that longs to move them forward to the next right step in their life.  

I get to help women see their life through the lens of magic.  They get to see how this shift in perspective can be the catalyst to move their life into a direction they love more than they could have imagined. Transition carries unique energy that beckons us to notice what is available to propel us to the next level of whom we can become, should we choose to engage it.

I love that I am finally doing the work of service that I had always dreamed of doing, and all as the result of continually moving in accordance with what guides me from the inside. I want to help you see how your life can move forward too.

Are you interested in working with me?


I would love to hear from you!  If you have questions about how I work with women just like you, you can reach out to me directly through my contact page by clicking the link right here.

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